Raising Children – Discipleship

One of the goals we have as Christian parents is raising our children to conform to Christ. And while none of us will ever be even close to 100% like Christ, it is clear that we are called to be disciple makers and might be able to get 100% there. And if Christ has called …

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Even though

I heard something today that inspired this poem. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it ruminated subconsciously and then just came out. I'm curious how others that write poetry go through their process. I wanted to write in more structured form this time as opposed to my previous free verse ... -------------------------------- even …

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Raising Children – The Foundation

  I've found it's quite hard if not impossible to teach a subject in which you have no knowledge.  It's even harder to live a life of purpose when no purpose exists or at least we are unaware of that purpose.  I've discussed this before, but as Christian parents our purpose is to raise our …

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