Who We Are

Our Cast of Characters.  And that would be characters with a capital “C”.

Beauty – my wife of 27 years.  We were married back in 1992 at a young age.  She is my best friend, my soul mate and my lover (yes we can still rock it – not bragging, just saying that a healthy marriage should if possible, include a healthy sex life)  She has the most amazing heart and is the glue that holds me and the family together.  She has homeschooled all of our children since preschool.  Thankfully she puts up with me and keeps me around, because I definitely got the best end out of the deal.  I always tell her if she ever leaves me, I’m going with her  🙂


Wheaty – My amazing oldest daughter.  She is beautiful, intelligent and has a heart for ministry.  She has just started dating a great Christian man and we are waiting to see what God has in store for them.   She started her working career as a Personal Fitness Trainer and is now thinking about moving into an EMT career.  Time will tell.  She is actively seeking after the Lord and we are so blessed.

Diesel – My oldest son, who has endured the painful position of being the one that Dad was the hardest on.  I coached him through his entire baseball career and learned a lot about myself along the way.  Diesel is so much like me that we can complete each other’s sentences and just smile when it happens.   He is currently working on a career in professional e-sports.  He has the skills and the drive, but it isn’t an easy road. He is so much further ahead in his walk with the Lord than we were at his age and we are so blessed by that!  I love this guy so much!

Animal – The middle child and the middle son.  This guy has a special heart that he probably received from Mom.  He is grateful and thankful and one of the most well mannered and thoughtful boys you will find.  He cares and loves.   Unfortunately he stumbled onto pornography when he was at a birthday party when he was younger and we are battling through that at this time.  It’s the same struggle I grew up with since being exposed at the age of 6.    God is working through this and we are learning how to be faithful.  This guy is awesome!

Pigs – My youngest son.  He is a Twitch streamer at a young age.  He has quite the following and is working toward becoming a twitch partner.  He has an amazing heart as well, but it is definitely tempered with a lot of sarcasm and while he can be extremely witty, he can also be sharp and hurtful.  This is something we are praying for guidance in how to navigate. Always keeping us on our toes and keeping us smiling.

Doe –  The youngest and while I do my best to try not to spoil her, it is hard as a dad not to do that.  She is a little firecracker, smart, cute and a handful.  Like her brother, she can be sharp witted and cutting and a little too self centered at times (like her dad as well) and so we are working on this.  But she is fun, vivacious and full of life.

Yours Truly-  I could probably write waaay too much about myself.  I’m sure as the blog develops you will get to know me quite well.  Let’s start by saying, I’m a late 40’s Christian husband and father who spent far too much of those 40ish years focused on himself and his wants and desires.

Spent time in the Army, played sports growing up, played a lot of video games and wilded out during my teen years.  Currently work in IT as a software developer and learning to trade stocks, options and futures.

I did (and do) a lot of things right as a husband and father and probably many more things wrong.  I grew up in an agnostic family. Never heard of Christ until a guy in the military shared his story with me. While I was interested, it was not for me at that time. I also grew up addicted to pornography and this still has it’s repercussions and collateral damage.  Even worse, I grew up focused on ME and that was devastating and almost destroyed my family. 

It took me years of searching for the truth for me to finally find Jesus. I studied just about every religion imaginable and spent my time in philosophy classes in college before I finally came to Christ.

In all that God was more than gracious to give me the wife and children that I have.  Through a lot of learning, pain, forgiveness and transparency, I now have the life, wife and family that God has always wanted me to have.  Beauty and I talk about how this is not a better marriage, this is a NEW marriage and something that we never expected would come out of everything.  But we are so blessed. 

Do we have hard times?  Absolutely!  And you will probably be reading about them.  But in all of this, we now have the communication and sharing that is required to live a happy and godly marriage.   As for me, I’m hoping this blog can help me sort out my thoughts and feelings, and help me continue to learn truth and reality about everything.  I want this blog to be REAL. Let’s share hard times and good times.  Let’s encourage one another along this journey we call life, that is fraught with many heartaches, pain and pitfalls, but can also be fulfilling beyond anything you expected.    Please comment or connect with us via email as we would love to hear from you!